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100 Day Gratitude Challenge
The environment and relationships we continually experience are strongly influenced by our culture, belief systems, habits and our inner voice. Unfortunately, many of our inner thoughts and voice has a habitually negative message. In order to shift to a more loving, compassionate and positive view of ourselves, l would like to challenge you to recording three items/aspects that you are grateful for, for 💯 days.  

What should I consider when compiling my daily list?

* I would like to suggest that you include your challenges as well. We often have extremely negative thoughts regarding our daily problems. This means that we rarely get to consider the situation from a different perspective. All conflict enables us to learn something and to gain wisdom. If we look at all our troubles from this perspective it will help us to view things slightly differently and therefore our response to the situation changes too.
* During the day review your list so that you can practice your gratefulness and enjoy the positive perspective.

Example Entry:

14 May 2019
 I'm grateful for:
* My Mom, for all her support and loving kindness. For teaching me to find the benefits in all life situations. Happy Birthday - l celebrate you today.
* The absolute joy that music brings to me.
* All my moments of sadness, loneliness and frustration as it motivated me to find and understand the joy of being in the moment now.
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