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Did you know that
 your body is designed
 to heal itself?
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What is BodyTalk? 

Jacqui van Ryneveld has been a Certified  BodyTalk Practitioner for the past eleven years.  She is eager to help you find your optimal path to good health, joy and success.

The BodyTalk System allows one to address all levels of well-being and performance.  The process enables you to step into the most expanded and vital you.  Giving you the awareness of what you need to shift and change so that you can step into your full potential.

Whether you are addressing work, sports or exam performance, insomnia, health issues, loneliness, pain, etc., your sessions will lead to greater clarity and understanding of yourself.  You will experience more:  potential, creativity, compassion, love and joy.

BodyTalk sessions focus on going directly to the cause of the problem, rather than treating the symptom.  One's well-being is addressed on all levels.

Jacqui offers BodyTalk sessions in English.
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